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New style notes to challenge your wardrobe according to Pitti Uomo 96


Understanding what your clothes are *actually* made of

Photo by  Matthew Sperzel  for

Photo by Matthew Sperzel for


Hi, we’re CUPL Creative

CC has an abundance of meanings. For some, it might be part of their 11:00am coffee break. For others, it will offer a different insight into a culture or space that may have previously been off-limits. We hope that, over time, it offers intellectual stimulation, debate, news and plenty of room for quandaries in as many forms as we can offer. We don’t want to talk at you, we want you to be a part of the story.

Online and offline, CC has always championed the creative makers and doers at home in Ireland and abroad, and it’s taken until now for it’s founders – Jake McCabe and Niamh O’Donoghue (me! Hi!!) to create the right space to share these people and stories with you.

With, we will foster a community and converse on topics from style and culture to identity and power (and powerful culture identity through style!!!). The brand will grow and morph as it’s founders do, and that’s the exciting part. We are two curious, interested, anxious, confident and, at times, self-deprecating people. We wear the same size clothes, we love to learn and we like to talk shoes as much as we do business. is a judgement free zone (unless it’s questionable ethics, policy or fashion).

Send us an email and let’s create.


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