New style notes to challenge your wardrobe according to Pitti Uomo 96

As the fashion posse gear up for Milan Fashion Week, they leave behind the Florentine fashion fare Pitti Uomo for another season. Pitti Uomo is a bi-annual menswear trade show that takes place in the heart of Florence and attracts a wealth of fashion editors, journalists, buyers, designers, photographers and street style devotees.

What I love most about the street style on display during Pitti Uomo is the abundance of energy and confidence on display. It’s an open-air fashion show with more than 32,000 savvy spectators walking around in their finest accoutrements, and what could be more joyous than that? It’s like a continuous exchange of ideas and breeding ground for inspiration, innovation and newness.

When the armed band of fashionista’s aren't congregating outside of lavish show spaces or taking five for an aperitivo somewhere, they’re using the dramatic backdrop of the romantic Renaissance city to capture their perfect outfit moments. Resident photographer Jake McCabe was there to capture every last detail. Ready to take a bite? Meet you down the bottom to see the full spread.

A tangy lemon salad is the taste of summer ‘19


This summer is getting a vibrant refit, and the smorgasbord of grey from colder months is being replaced by zesty make-your-mouth-water yellow and lime tones that evoke excitement and apprehension in equal measure. Cutting shades of neon apricot and tangy chartreuse work great as standalone pieces or paired with a neutral palette. Nothing screams LOOK AT ME like a juicy, blazing pair of Balenciaga Triple S trainers with a perfectly matching boxy, oversized blazer in a similar blaring shade. This is Confident dressing with a capital C.

Settle the debate: Is two better than one?


Coordinating couples are regular sight around the 11th Century Fortezza Da Basso, where the four-day trade show takes place. The standout duos of the week are always those who have mastered the art of complimenting, riding the wave between camp and high fashion. What I love most about this couple (Alladin Faily and Elin Berntson) is not only their attention to detail (Elin always pairs her relaxed silhouettes with timeless accessories like a Dior Saddle Bag or a contemporary pair of Prada sun(fun)glasses) but they always look comfortable, relaxed and true to their personal style. And that, dear readers, in this cumbersome age of the internet ‘likes’, is an important lesson. So to answer the burning question; yes, two is better than one.

A hat isn’t just an afterthought, it’s life and soul of the whole dang party


A hat can be the final piece in the puzzle of an outfit or a starting point, as pointed out by these experienced fashion connoisseurs make it look like a starting point. Donning a brim or peak is a clever and cost-effective way to renew and re-energise a look or style. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, a hat can be, as Vogue puts it, a dress code signifier: airy feathers and lace characterise formal events like weddings and race days, while a chic Panama signifies sipping on a cool Piña cola at an exotic pool-party somewhere, or here in romantic Florence.

Photos by Jake McCabe

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